Singing Celebrants

For scholas, it is a great pleasure when the celebrant sings as much of the Mass as possible. This ennobles the liturgy, inspires congregations to sing, and offers a vote of confidence to the place of music in the liturgy. The Mass can be sung in English or Latin or some combination. In fact, the rubrics have long specified that the sung Mass is the normative form: the rule rather than the exception. For priests hoping to learn Latin, singing provides a special and advantageous pedagogical benefit. New languages are generally easier to sing than say.

For this reason, the Schola strongly recommends this conference: Missa in Cantu: A Seminar in the Sung Mass for Celebrants, October 17-19, 2007, Chicago, Illinois. Every priest who aspires to sung the Roman Rite, new and old forms, should attend.

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